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A126 A126

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*Action: ATJ3315


* dimensions: (W) 27.5 x (H) 68 x (D) 12mm
* Plastic + color coatingWeight:24.6g
* Retractable USB design, user-friendly


*Normal LCD, 128*32 in resolution


*MP3 player, WMA and WAV


* supporting FM and MIC recording
* format: WAV, MP3
* bit Rate: MP3: 32/64/128/192Kbps, WAV: 512/768/1024/1536 Kbps




* Max output (L) 10mW + (R) 10mW (32 ohms)


* Rechargeable Li-battery, play music around 6-7 hours


*A: built-in 4GB-32GB, microSD card expandable up to 32GB
*B: no need built-in memory, microSD card expandable up to 32GB


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